A Legendary Ass Eating


Steve Holmes is a LEGEND in the porn industry: Performer, Director, Producer…but did you know that he’s been a fan of having his ass eaten since it was first done to him some 40 years ago?! We shot the big dick superstar the other day with petite coed Riley Jean, who is a complete newbie when it comes to giving a rimjob on camera. The scene starts with Steve stripping off his suit so we can get a glimpse of the massive bulge in his sexy See HIM underwear before he whips out his big Romanian prick that’s already fully engorged. In steps Riley to give his armpits a good sniff n’ lick before she slathers him with some sex lube. Riley then gives him a slick reach-around handy until it’s time for her to remove his socks, massage his feet and suckle his toes. Steve really gets into this, even mushing his feet into the spinners face. Riley then engulfs his cock with her mouth, gagging as she deepthroats the whole thing. Then it’s time for some ass eating fun and Riley gets sloppy right from the start! Steve lays back as she goes to town on his asshole, remembering to stick his big prick down her throat every now and then. He then gets on all fours so Riley can rim away and occasionally slip in a finger or two. The traditional fucking begins as Riley first takes her 22yo pussy for a nice cock ride until Steve takes control and starts deep-dicking her from behind. Round 2 of ass eating starts as Steve gets in the reverse piledriver position so Riley can eat, suck and finger him from above. Steve can’t take it anymore, so he gets Riley in the good old missionary position and hammers away until he pulls out and shoots a load on her chest and stomach. As always, we interview the legend in the shower after…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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