Alpha Male Gets His Asshole Eaten


Big thick hunk of a man Joe Bonez makes his See HIM Fuck debut today and we paired the 6-foot-4 270# stud up with 5-foot-4 Florida coed Riley Jean. The scene starts as Joe strips naked and shows off all his big muscles, including his thick 9 inch prick. Riley enters and goes straight for his hairy armpits, giving them a quick sniff n lick before she slathers lube all over his inked body. After she gives him a good long reach-around to make sure his cock is good and ready, Riley makes her way down to her feet and proceeds to suckle his toes in such a way that she basically fits all five piggly-wigglies into her mouth! Up next is Round 1 of ass eating and Riley gets right in there, burying her tongue deep in his asshole, even slipping a finger in there from time to time, as Joe strokes his cock and enjoys receiving a good proper rimming. Riley then deep-throats his big stiff gift before hopping on it for a cowgirl cockride. Joe switches things up a bit by getting Riley on all fours and hammering away at her 22 year old pussy as he flexes his impressive biceps in true alpha-male fashion. Round 2 of ass eating starts as Riley licks and probes his balloon knot from above so that she can get her tongue deep inside. Joe follows this by picking Riley up for some aerial fucking before putting her on the couch, ankles behind her ears, and deep-dick fucking her until he blows his load…and Joe must’ve been going for distance, because Riley ends up with cum from head to twat! Joe gets some on her face, some in between her tits and the rest just above her shaved meaty vag. As usual, we catch up with our stud in the shower to hear how things went…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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