Girls Say His Dick Is His Best Feature


We’re happy to bring to everyone yet another “double debut” this week, as we have well-hung Knoxville native Dwayne Foxxx and slender Southern blonde Payton Avery both making their 1st appearances on See HIM Fuck today. The scene starts with a nice interview conducted by our talented director Johnny Robbins, where we get to know a little bit about the two up-and-coming pornstars. Dwayne then stands up and begins to remove his suit and when we get to see the bulge in his See HIM boxers, well, it’s easy to see that someone is PREtty excited! Payton teases Dwayne’s big thick prick with her tongue a little bit before lubing HIM up and stroking his huge slick gift from behind. Payton sniffs and licks his hairy armpits until Dwayne takes a seat on the couch. Payton removes his socks, smells his feet, licks his soles and gags on his toes until Dwayne stands up and teabags her with his big heavy balls. Dwayne sits back down and goes spread-eagle as Payton starts to give HIM a nice sloppy rimjob, getting her face and tongue right in there as she eats his ass in a couple of our favorite positions. Payton finishes the analingus session by slobbering all over Dwayne’s girthy cock, followed by HIM going down on her to return all the oral favors he just received. Then we get down to the fucking, as Dwayne shoves his beefy dick into Payton’s tight slit while she uses her magic wand to stimulate her throbbing clit. Payton then hops on top of HIM for some amazon fucking and regular cowgirl cockriding, followed by Dwayne deep-dicking her in a frontwards and backwards piledriver. Dwayne then puts Payton on her back and hammers away at her pussy as the two gaze into each other eyes while he passionately chokes her. When he’s finally ready, Dwayne pulls out and unloads his love onto Payton’s flat stomach. As you’re accustomed to, we followed our two new friends into the shower after to watch them wash up, as well as see how things went…

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Added on: July 17, 2022

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