Indica’s Special Day


Juicy 19-year-old Indica Monroe makes her Hussie Pass debut today and we paired her up with the one and only Brickzilla, because that’s what we do. When our man Johnny Robins asks if this was a “special day” for her, she tells the camera “…one of my favorite things is big dick and I get, like, one of the biggest dicks that my eyes have personally ever seen”. Our eyes, too, girl! The scene starts with the usual interview stuff, followed by Indica warming up by going spread eagle and fucking herself with a rather large rubber dong. Brickzilla’s cock then make its way into the scene, followed shortly thereafter by the rest of him. He gets Indica’s curvy body all lubed up so we can then watch that juicy booty twerk. Brickzilla slides underneath Indica to get a taste of her hairy slit, taking a brief intermission to visit her feet and suckle her toes. Indica then gets her first taste of Brickzilla’s dick and she does her best to taste ALL of it at once, coming as close to a balls-deep blowjob as we’ve ever seen with his 13-incher. Indica eats Brickzilla’s ass and gives him a POV footjob before it’s time for a little Ride ‘Em Cowgirl, as she hops on top and engulfs his entire prick with her teen pussy. Indica then takes all of Brickzilla in the piledriver and doggystyle positions, going cross-eyed more than once, until he pulls out, stuffs his cock in her mouth, and dumps his load. As is the norm, we caught up with the two lovers in the shower where Brickzilla uses his soapy hands to wash her boobies and backside, and Indica uses her mouth to wash off his cock…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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