It’s Thicker Than My Wrist


20-year-old Catalina Ossa, who’s obviously been enjoying the Florida sun, makes her 2nd Hussie Pass appearance today and this time we just had to pair her up with Mr. 13 Inch himself, the one and only Brickzilla! While talking about Brickzilla during the Johnny Robins interview portion of the program, Catalina tells us “I get to see how strong my girl really is!”. We shall see, Miss Ossa. We shall see! Catalina loosens herself up a bit by fucking her hairy vag with a rather thick rubber-dong. Brickzilla makes his way into the picture and proceeds to lube up Catalina’s perky tits and sunburnt booty, which the lovely Latina then twerks for us. Catalina then gets on her knees for the BIG reveal, and we get to see exactly where the title of this scene comes from! Catalina slobbers all over Brickzilla’s girthy cock as she shoves as much of it as she can into her mouth. And, since she’s in the neighborhood, Catalina gives Brickzilla a rimjob, followed by a footjob. Seeing as she’s already in the piledriver position, Brickzilla 1st sucks and slurps on her clit before he finally plunges that big gift into her slit and we get to see Catalina’s eyes roll into the back of her head. Catalina then takes pretty much all Brickzilla has to offer in the amazon, cowgirl and doggystyle positions. Brickzilla then folds Catalina up like a pretzel and deep-dicks her from the side until he pulls out and dumps on her stomach. After the action, we followed the two happy lovers into the shower, where I certainly hope Brickzilla applied some aloe to Catalina’s poor backside…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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