Mr Dick You Down


Tampa native Rich Da Piper makes his See HIM Fuck debut today and we paired HIM up with Minnesota spinner Paisley Paige for this week’s phenomenal update! The scene starts with Rich removing his grey suit and teasing what inside his See HIM underwear until he finally reveals the big uncut gift that he has for all of us with a nice wiggle and shake show. Paisley steps in with her bottle of motion-lotion and gets HIM nice and slick, paying special attention to his thick prick and juicy backside. Paisley sniffs and licks Rich’s armpits before making her way down to his feet and removing his socks so she can suckle his toes and lick his soles. Seeing as Rich is on all fours for the later, that means it’s time for Round 1 of the ass-eating! Paisley spreads his cheeks and gets her tongue right in there until Rich positions HIMself for some reverse piledriver rimming so she can munch away at his asshole from above, teasing it with her fingertips. Rich stands up so Paisley can suck and slobber on his uncircumcised cock, and he returns the oral favor by licking her coed cooch. Then it’s time for some good ole fashioned “penis goes in vagina” action, as Rich deep-dicks Paisley in the amazon, piledriver and doggystyle positions. Round 2 of ass-eating has Rich squatting over Paisley’s face so she can tickle his balloon knot with her tongue as he strokes his BBC. Rich plows away in her neatly trimmed slit, then lays back so Paisley’s can finish HIM off by sucking and swallowing his load. When we caught up with the two lovers in the shower, Paisley made sure Rich’s body was nice and clean…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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