Preston The Legend


Legendary Latino stud Preston Parker was on the See HIM set last week and we paired HIM up with juicy coed MJ Fresh for today’s awesome scene. After we watch the DILF get naked and show off his big thick uncut gift, MJ steps in to give his armpits the old sniff n’ lick before she slathers HIM and his impressive prick up with a lot of lube. She makes her way down to Preston’s feet, removes his socks, and gives them a sensual massage with her hands and mouth, including some heel sucking. Preston then spreads HIMself so MJ can get in there for Round 1 of ass eating. MJ gives Preston a good proper rimming, occasionally sucking his balls and stroking his cock. After that VERY LONG rimjob, MJ deepthroats his cock until Preston returns the oral favor by licking her tasty 20-year-old pussy. Then it’s time for some of that good old hardcore fucking and Preston starts out by burying his cock deep inside MJ via the fan favorite piledriver position. MJ then hops on for a cowgirl cockride until Preston puts her on all fours and hammer fucks her from behind. MJ goes back… literally… for Round 2 of ass eating, where we get to see her play the rusty trombone. Preston then fucks her missionary for a little bit until it’s time for Round 3 of ass eating, where MJ munches away on his asshole while Preston jerks HIMself off. We go Picture in Picture when Preston can no longer hold it and finally nuts on her cute little face. As always, we catch up with Preston in the shower afterwards to hear from HIM how everything went…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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