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It’s another double debut today, as ripped Georgia native Jamie Knoxx and 19-year-old Arizona newbie Catalina Ossa each make their 1st appearances here at See HIM Fuck in a scene that is sure to be a fan favorite! It starts out with Jamie removing his suit and dress shirt, revealing his massive muscles as he shows off his physical prowess and exotic dancer moves. Jamie teases his thick 9-inch cock thru his See HIM underwear before revealing that big, beautiful gift for all of us to gaze upon. Catalina steps in with some baby oil for our man, getting HIM nice and lubed up for what’s to come. Catalina sniffs and tastes his armpits as Jamie tells her “Yeah… that’s a MAN smell, baby…”. Jamie takes a seat on the couch so Catalina can focus on his feet, removing his socks, suckling his toes and licking his soles. Then the ass-eating starts, as Jamie gets on all fours so Catalina can eat his ass from behind, then spread eagle, back to a rusty trombone, and finally some reverse piledriver as she rims HIM from above. Jamie returns the favor by giving the Colombian’s teen pussy a good tongue lashing, followed by Catalina sloppily gagging on his big thick prick. Catalina then gets on top of HIM in a position this reviewer has no idea what to call, where Jamie is on his back, basically spread-eagle, and she is on top riding him. Jamie puts Catalina in a reverse piledriver, flexing his impressive muscles as he deep-dicks her from above. This is followed by Jamie stretching her tight slit in the doggystyle and missionary positions, burying his girthy dick deep inside her, until he finally unloads a batch of stomach pancakes onto her cute little belly. As is the norm, we catch up with our two new friends in the shower after to see how things went…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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