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It’s kinda a “double debut” today, as we welcome big manly-man Cyrus King, who some of you may remember from his selfshot performance on See HIM Solo, along with “your favorite legal midget” Madi Collins, to See HIM Fuck. The scene starts with Cyrus removing his dress shirt and flexing his impressive muscles while showing off his many tattoos. He removes his slacks and teases his stiff 7-1/2-inch prick in his See HIM underwear before revealing it for us in all its glory. Madi makes her way into the scene & the 1st thing you may notice is that Cyrus is 6-foot-3 and she is 4-foot-10, so that’s a 17-inch difference in height, which is always fun! Madi gets HIM nice and slick, making sure Cyrus’ big prick is ready to go. She sniffs and licks Cyrus’s pits, which makes the big guy smile a lot. Madi then removes Cyrus’ socks so she can smell his feet, lick his soles and suckle his toes. Cyrus gets on all fours and Madi starts off the ass-eating portion of our program by playing the rusty trombone for a bit. Madi spreads Cyrus’ cheeks and uses her tongue to lick and probe his asshole in a number of positions until the natural redhead takes his engorged cock into her mouth and down her throat. Cyrus returns the oral favor by munching away at the spinner’s slit before he puts her in the good ole piledriver position and deep-dicks her from above. Cyrus plows away at her tiny vag doggystyle, amazon and missionary, finally pulling out and coating Madi’s face with a rather nice load. As is the norm, we caught up with the two lovers in a very soapy shower to see how things went…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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