The Majiik Show


We here at See HIM Fuck are thrilled to bring to you two brand new performers this week. Newbie stud Majiik Montana makes his debut on this site today (…and some of you may know HIM from his self-shot amateur performance on See HIM Solo) and with HIM we have the lovely Serena Santos, who’s making her first appearance with us today as well. The scene starts with Majiik, who’s a multi-published photographer and amateur MMA fighter, shedding his sharp all-black suit and showing us his shy uncut friend. Serena steps in with some lube and soon enough, Majiik’s friend isn’t that shy after all! Once Serena gets HIM nice and slick, she turns her attention to Majiik’s armpits, giving each a good long sniff n lick. Majiik takes a seat so Serena can remove his socks and slobber all over his feet and toes. Majiik gets on all fours as Serena licks the soles of his feet before we ring the bell for Round 1 of ass-eating, which starts out with the fan-favorite Rusty Trombone! Then Majiik puts his ankles behind his ears so Serena can get right in there with her tongue and fingertips. Being the gentleman that he is, Majiik goes down on her for a bit before Serena returns the oral favor by deepthroating his cock and giving HIM a very sloppy drooljob. Serena hops on HIM for some of that amazon fucking, followed by Majiik deep-dicking her in both a frontwards and backwards piledriver. Majiik next plows away are her little Cuban coochie doggystyle, then flipping her over to fuck Serena’s face from above, and finally some good old fashioned missionary fucking. But you all know that the scene isn’t over yet… we haven’t had Round 2 of the ass-eating! Majiik lays back & spreads wide so Serena can munch away at his asshole as he strokes his cock and finally erupts onto his stomach. Of course, we then caught up with our studly new friend in the shower after to hear from HIM about how the scene went…

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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