Yeah, Get That Tongue Up There!


Rimjob fan (and who isn’t around here lol) Mr. Brock Cooper makes his looooong awaited return to See HIM Fuck this week and we paired HIM up with the alluring Camila Cortez for today’s update. After our dynamite director Johnny Robins helps us get reacquainted with HIM, Mr. Cooper begins to remove his clothes, followed by HIM stroking that uncut gift until it’s rock hard. Camila makes her way into the scene..and right into Mr. Cooper’s hairy armpits. She sniffs and licks each of Mr. Cooper’s pits before getting HIM all slathered up with motion-lotion and giving HIM a slippery reach-around and making sure his balloon-knot was ready to go. Camila then has HIM take a seat so she can smell Mr. Cooper’s socks, hoover-face suck his toes, and lick his feet. Next up is the “Yeah, Get That Tongue Up There!” portion of the program…aka THE ASS EATING! Camila rims, tongues and probes HIM while Mr. Cooper is spread-eagle, ala the rusty trombone, and in a reverse piledriver. They switch places so Mr. Cooper can first suckle on her coed clit, followed by Camila gagging on HIM and his girthy 8-inch prick. Then we finally get to the fucking, as Camila gets stretched out by HIM in a front & backwards piledriver, doggystyle, missionary and folded up like a pretzel with her ankles behind her ears. When the time is right, Mr. Cooper pulls out, jumps up & unloads his love onto Camila’s pretty little face. And you just KNOW that we followed the two lovers into the shower after to see how things went, only to find that things were still going on!

Category: Thai
Added on: July 17, 2022

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